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Well Organized Closet


It's simple!

You can design and price your closets in real front of your clients if you want to!  You can make changes in an instant and you can offer your client so much more and you don't have to do any sourcing!  We do it all!

We take all the stress of trying to accommodate your clients wishes and trying to source everything they want and we do it for you!  Then we send it to you all in one big kit...including the hardware!  You just open the boxes and put it together.


Everything is cut your specifications, so it's basically like putting together a big puzzle...accept you have the drawings of where it all goes!

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ClosetPro Software

What is ClosetPro Software?

ClosetPro Software is a cutting-edge closet design and presentation tool that lets you share remarkable hi-res renders and an interactive 3D view with your customers, helping them envision their new space. It’s never been easier to design beautiful closets in stunning 3D!

Revolutionary Closet
Rendering Technology

Never before has rendering been so easy! All the rendering in ClosetPro Software is done on our cloud-based render servers dedicated to creating beautiful, crisp images in record speed. Click the button below to watch a short video on how to create hi-res renders.



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