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About Florida Closets Direct

Florida Closets Direct has been designing and creating custom closets, pantries, garages, and more for many years. We are happy to be able to bring our expertise and ideas to other businesses to help them grow and be the One Stop Shop for their clients too.  We take pride in knowing that we are the one stop shop for all closets and shelving needs and that we can help your business do the same.

We don't only offer the closets...we offer the hampers, jewelry drawers, inserts, safes, pull outs for cabinets, Murphy Beds, Murphy Doors and so much more...when we say we are your one stop shop...


Contact us today for more information.

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How Does it work?


Design your Closet

We use ClosetPro software that you can also use with your clients.  You can design your closet, change the colors, add accessories etc.  It will give you a 3D rendering and immediate pricing.  You don't have to wait for someone else to get back to you with pricing!


Manufacture your Closet

Once your client has accepted the closet, we will get to work!  We have everything custom cut to your design specifications.


Ship it!

Once your closet is cut and labeled, we will ship it out to you including all the hardware, accessories and everything needed to install your closet.  We will even send you the screws!  All you have to do is open the boxes and install.

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